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Aerobatic Fun Flights

aerobatic flights Kiev

If you're a lover of theme parks and roller coasters then we have the ultimate in thrill rides with aerobatic flying experiences in aircraft. Here you'll feel g-forces that are so strong you'll believe that it should only be tried by those with the strongest of stomachs, are you brave enough?

What you can expect are feats that you only normally get to witness at air shows from the safety of the ground. Here you'll be experiencing what ace pilots get up to in the cockpit first hand as they guide you through loop the loops and death defying roles that we've all seen in the movies.

These aerobatic Yak flying experiences are a perfect adrenaline fuelled day out for anyone who loves flying on the edge!

aerobatic flights Kiev
aerobatic flights Kiev
Yak aerobatic flights Kiev

The Aerobatic Flight Durations are either 30 minutes or 60 minutes
Cruising speed : 230-250 km / h.
Maximum speed
: 285 km / h.
Maximum altitude - 6000m

aerobatic flights Kiev Ukraine
aerobatic flights Kiev
fun flights Kiev

We will collect you from your accommodation in Kiev, transfer you to the airfield and after your high adrenalin flight we will return you to the city centre. Probably not a good idea to have a massive hangover doing this activity as the pilot might not appreciate your previous night's beer being 'chucked up' over him :)

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